Design vs Content, which one performs better in Email Marketing?

When it comes to Email Marketing, you might wonder, what’s more important, email content or email design? The answer to this is not as easy as it might seem, successful emails should be balanced between being pleasing to the eye and filled with valuable content for subscribers.

In order to have the best results you’ll need to prioritize both, let’s take a look at what a good Email Marketing Agency, has to say about the role each play in your email campaigns in order to keep your list engaged:

Email Content

The main goal of sending emails to your list is to share some valuable content and insights and, that these insights drive some action such as a subscription, a click, a conversion. This is why the angle, the copy and, overall the content of your campaign is of such importance, make sure you know your audience, you understand their fears, their desires and their needs so that each email you send contains information that they’ll relate to.

When you send relevant content to your subscribers you’re not only engaging with them but you’re making them looking forward to receiving more. For this you’ll have to let information and data guide your strategy and angle so that you’re able to deliver relevant content to your subscribers everytime.

Some additional content features to include in your email campaigns:

  • Engaging and catchy subject lines
  • Short descriptive preview text
  • Clear powerful Call to Action Buttons
  • Medium-short copy laid out in a digestible format

There are different Types of Email Campaigns to include in your Content Strategy so, go ahead and plan in advance based on previous results so that you’re indeed providing valuable content to your readers and potential customers.

Email Design

A great looking email design will certainly catch the attention of your subscribers while making everything easier and more interesting, these two are both keys to keep your subscribers engaged with your messages and expectant of more.

All images and design elements help rise emotions in receptors and these emotions can work in your favour when you’re trying to drive leads to a sale. Keep in mind that the way you frame your content will highlight some aspects of it so make sure you’re indeed driving attention to what’s more important, depending on the angle/content of your email, pay close attention to these aspects and you’ll ensure great results:

  • Clean and balanced layout
  • Icons or other visual elements to help emphasize certain points.
  • Well-designed header image to provide hierarchy
  • Logos and colors aligned to your company branding
  • Fonts clean, modern and easy to read
  • Eye-catching Call to Actions
  • Footer, a great spot to add other social media channels where your customers can find you.

A good email design and content can make a huge difference in your Email Marketing performance, if you understand the value of both in conjunction instead of individually, you’ll achieve your marketing goals by driving value to your subscribers.

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