Ways To Save Energy While Warm

By slightly modifying a few daily behaviors, you will save up to 10% energy per year. And a few adjustments made before the real winter offensive will allow you to make even more savings and Invest in Natural Gas. Here are some tips for saving energy without sacrificing your comfort.

  1. Avoid Waste

Leaving the doors open and the light on unnecessarily, heating unoccupied rooms and wasting hot water. So many behaviors that heavily burden your energy bill and that you can avoid by adopting simple gestures. Spend the money saved on a family getaway to motivate everyone.

  1. Adjust Your Heating Intelligently

Heating is an energy-consuming item par excellence. It represents, on average, 55% of the budget devoted to energy expenditure. Heating with discernment allows substantial savings to be made:

Heat each room individually and, if necessary, install thermostatic valves.

Turning your thermostat down one degree will save you five to seven percent on your heating bill. Moreover, nothing is more comfortable than a sweater’s warmth or a woolen blanket’s softness.

  1. Keep Your Boiler In Good Working Order

The type of boiler and the way it is maintained have a direct impact on your energy bill:

In winter, your boiler must work perfectly. A clogged boiler generates heat loss. Maintenance carried out before the winter allows you to prevent certain malfunctions and guarantees the optimal performance of your installation.

Replacing your obsolete boiler with an efficient condensing boiler saves 25% energy. Before doing anything, consult an experienced specialist. And choose a boiler or a heat pump adapted to the needs of your home, as well as your consumption habits.

Why You Should Switch To Green Energy

You build a strong and loyal customer base

Today, consumers are fully informed and spend their money more rationally. By favoring a corporate culture based on trust and transparency, with a view to sustainable development, you attract loyal and loyal customers. In addition to quality products and service, the eco-responsible image you send back explains why customers push your door rather than your competitors.

Riding the wave of sustainable development gives you the status of an innovative and socially responsible company such as e360 Power for example. Customers are willing to spend more to ease their conscience, which sometimes allows you to pass on the cost of your investments.

You Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Let’s not lose sight of the essential motivation for the energy transition to curb global warming. As a business leader, you must bring your stone to the building. By using, for example, solar panels, wind turbines, or a heat pump or opting for a green electricity contract, you reduce your company’s ecological footprint. With an installation comprising 10 solar panels, you produce around 2,350 kWh per year. For each kWh produced, you save 0.46 kg of CO 2 more than if you use fossil fuels. In this specific case, you release 1,081 kg less CO 2 annually, corresponding to 10,810 km traveled by car.

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