How Does a Virtual Receptionist Help in Carrying Out Day to Day Operations of a Business?

Many people think of virtual receptionist as someone who is responsible for answering calls, taking a message or someone like an assistant who does the data entry work. But, the truth is that a virtual receptionist is someone who can help in smooth functioning of a business, more than what meets the eye. They can perform everything an in-house receptionist can do, even when it comes to answering the calls. Here are the ways how hiring a virtual live 24 hour reception service help in carrying out day to day operations of a business.

  1. Answering the calls LIVE

Researchers claim that around 80 percent of callers do not leave a voice message because they believe that they wouldn’t be called back. When you hire a virtual receptionist who is responsible to attend every call live, you get rid of the chance of losing a new lead or an existing customer to voice mail.

  1. Transferring the calls LIVE

When you hire a phone answering service, their job is to simply take a message. But when you hire a virtual receptionist, it serves its job as your own receptionist. When you receive a call regarding you or any other staff member, unless and until there are rules on a binder to take a message, your virtual reception service will firstly transfer the caller live to you or other aforementioned staff member. If the person who called you cannot reach, the virtual receptionist will inform the caller to try someone else or take a message all according to the instructions on your file provided to them.

  1. Book an appointment for you

Not every call your company receive is about solving a query(s). In many organizations, sometimes the call they receive are on the purpose of booking an appointment. This is where your virtual receptionist comes in handy when they take the required customer information and book an appointment on your calendar straightaway.

  1. Answer the general questions of the customers

One of the job roles of a virtual receptionist is that they can answer the frequently asked questions and answer them on the basis of information and resources you provide to them. If the question is unrelated to the information and resources you provided to the virtual receptionist, then the virtual receptionist politely inform the customer that they need to contact someone else in order to answer that question, someone who specializes in that area and they will call them back as soon as possible.

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