How Alejandro Pena and Keter Group Are Changing the Rules on Sustainability, Bringing Ingenuity to Old Industry

The team at Keter has been making a difference in the realm of sustainable energy within the home and decor sphere. Founded almost 100 years ago in Israel, Keter Group has enjoyed explosive and expansive growth thanks to its high-end, affordable house, garden, and lifestyle products. With more than 24 plants across 90 countries around the world, Keter Group has enjoyed spreading its wings under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena took time out of his day to discuss the role that he has played in embracing sustainability and driving renewable resources toward the company. He was joined by Managing Director Eddie Johnson, who has spent decades helping the company to grow.

A Global Initiative Goal

Keter Group has long lived by its slogan, “Driven to Invent.”

A global business that grew out of Israel in 1948, Keter Group has now found roots deep in 90 countries with aspirations to grow even further. Developing a reputation for high-quality resin products in the house and garden sphere, Keter Group has enjoyed a reputation for creating items that last longer than their price point would indicate.

Under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena, the team at Keter Group has focused extensively on ways to reduce its impact on the environment while setting ambitious goals for future efforts.

Keter would publish its first-ever sustainability report in 2020 with Alejandro Pena in charge. The report outlined greenhouse gas emissions, water waste, and overall waste caused by the business. Thanks to the report, Keter would note a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2021, accompanied by a reduction in waste and water consumption along that same cycle.

Managing Director Eddie Johnson stated, “Part of our DNA is being entrepreneurial and agile, and I think the original mindset that was brought in with the business was that nothing is impossible.”

Guidance Toward Sustainability Efforts

In order to separate itself from the rest of the industry, Keter has made waste reduction a big part of who they are as a company. Embracing environmental efforts typically leads to better outcomes for companies looking to connect with their audience.

McKinsey & Company released a study that showcased how broad sustainability initiatives helped to create something known as ESG Momentum, something that creates positive outcomes for the company’s bottom line.

Johnson went on to tout the works of Keter Group under CEO Alejandro Pena by adding, “What Keter has done is implement a standard process cycle to cover sales functions, marketing operations, and logistics.”

Johnson added, “The main piece is our forward outlook and clarity on what sales and marketing are doing to drive the business and what operations and manufacturing logistics need to do to enable that.”

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