Garden Waste Management: Which Waste Goes into Skip and Which Doesn’t

When sorting out your garden, you may have plenty of waste to dispose of. Trimming and tidying your garden are just two tasks that you should do to maintain an attractive and productive garden. Once you are done with these tasks, you want to ensure all the garbage is disposed of by hiring a skip bin. The easiest way to hire a skip bin is through the internet. While most kinds of garden waste can go into a skip, others just cannot. Read on to understand the kinds of waste your garden has and what should be done to dispose of them.

Soil and Green Waste

A skip can be used to dispose of soil and green waste, which includes branches, grass, leaves and plants. Once taken by a skip hire company, the soil will be screened and recycled as an engineering material or topsoil. Green waste is transported to composting facilities for recycling. Once mulched and composted, the waste is used as fertiliser. Using a skip to dispose of this kind of waste is eco-friendly as it is used as a substitute for fossil fuels to make energy instead of being dumped in landfills.

Hard Waste Materials

Materials such as concrete, metal and wood can be disposed of in the skip. You can have these materials when you rip up old decking or patio or get rid of plant trellises and supports. Skip hire companies recycle these materials. They crush concrete so it can be used as a secondary aggregate and separate metal by kind and transform it into new products. Also, they chip wood and use it for panel board, biomass, or bedding.

Garden Liquids

Although the majority of garden waste can be disposed of through a skip, any type of liquids cannot go into it. Other materials that cannot go into a skip include pressurised containers, solvents, and paints. If you have this kind of wastes to be disposed of, you should talk to your skip hire company to arrange for a service to get rid of it.

Hiring a skip service allows you to get an awesome service to make the entire process hassle-free, convenient, and efficient. Skip hire service companies can offer domestic and commercial waste management services. Their years of existence make them expert in giving advice and support with garden waste disposal. Also, they will help you in choosing the right skip and ensure you get a convenient solution.

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