Whether you are today a tenor of the bar, a large law firm, or a solo lawyer, the priority is to define your positioning: What makes me different? What is my competitive advantage? So that’s where there is a work upstream of strategic thinking.

Thus, digital like digital marketing agency washington dc is an opportunity for lawyers to meet their client’s expectations better. New technologies make it possible to facilitate the exchange between a lawyer and his client.

Adapt Your Recruitments

After measured efforts, the practice will begin to grow and how you manage this growth is crucial. Thus, it is necessary to have a team in line with your business strategy.

For example, a highly skilled employee who struggles to interact with customers will not always be a happy choice. If your strategy involves hosting a Questions & Answers forum or working on third-party sites, you’ll need someone enthusiastic and dedicated. Someone overqualified will end up getting bored.

Know How To  Delegate

Once satisfied with your team, you must employ your staff optimally.

Delegating part of one’s work proves to be difficult for most lawyers. However, it is essential. Thus, you will have time to develop the commercial part of your activity so that your client portfolio grows. During meetings with your staff, share the various adaptations of the commercial policy to guide them, and be open to all their comments.

  • Best marketing strategies to make your practice visible to your target client
  • Social media marketing (and advertising)
  • Video Marketing
  • Natural referencing for law firms (SEO)

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Think of social media as your modern billboard that can dramatically help your brand and practice. But before you jump in, choose your platforms wisely because not all are suitable for all activities. The exception for law firms is LinkedIn. If you’re a lawyer, you must be on LinkedIn.

Here are the best types of social media posts for a law firm:

  • Blog posts
  • Did you know statistics and facts
  • News from your sector of the action
  • Engaging videos under 60 seconds on educational or brand topics
  • Case studies, white papers

Marketing Video

Today video is everywhere, and you could hardly miss it! It can be found in different forms, on free hosting platforms, websites, and social networks… 70% of buyers watch videos on their purchase journey, and legal services are no exception. Business decision-makers love online videos because they are the fastest and easiest way to get information. This is not the only reason to use videos at the stage of raising awareness of your target customer on issues they may encounter: users retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when they read it in a text.

The best videos for law firm marketing are:

  • Practical and educational videos
  • Brand videos and video advertisements
  • blog videos
  • Entertaining, funny, or attention-grabbing videos

SEO For Law Firms

SEO by seo company washington dc is modifying your website’s code and content to achieve higher search engine rankings for specific keywords and phrases. You need it because 71% of shoppers start their searches with generic Google searches, and they do an average of 12 searches before committing to a specific brand’s site. This means that you (and your competitors) have 12 ways for your website to rank high in search results and grab a buyer’s attention.

SEO integrates with generating demand and getting customers to contact you based on your optimizing keywords and phrases. For example, if you’re optimizing a piece of content to “become a franchisee,” you’re more likely to grab someone’s attention early in the buying journey.

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