7 Google Analytics Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimisation

In this fast-paced world we live in, businesses need to keep up to become successful. More than positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, you will need a great tool to effectively sell your products or services.

A good search engine optimisation (SEO) practice is the key to landing your page in Google’s ranking. It gives you conversions and helps you rank on Google’s page search results. One of the best tools you can leverage is Google Analytics. With the right GA4 setup, this free tool can provide plenty of valuable information that you can use to have high-ranking websites on search engine sites.

So read on for some Google Analytics tips to improve your SEO.

1. Create an SEO dashboard

Customise your data from Google Analytics on your dashboard and tailor it according to your business needs. SEO dashboards lay out the data in an easy-to-view and simple format. And it is the best option if you want to digest information with images and graphics.

2. Use Google Analytics Reports

Have an overview of your website’s performance to improve SEO through Google Analytics. It offers insight into how people reach your site, how many conversions you have, and how well your website performs. Also, you can create reports by month or year.

With the multi-channel funnel report, you can measure the full effect of SEO. It shows you when SEO played a huge part in bringing key conversions. In addition, it can be helpful to analyse the areas that need improvements, like link building, content creation, and guest posting.

3. Generate behaviour reports

If you want to know about your content, generate behaviour reports. Check out the site content to bring up a list that includes the top pages and the top exit pages on your site. And if you want to see the terms that are mostly searched for, go to site search and look for search terms. It gives you an idea of what people frequently look for on your site. You can also find out how fast your page loads on the and look for suggestions on how to make the load time quicker.

4. Analyse landing page traffic

By analysing your best-performing pages, you can get valuable insight into the popular and engaging content according to your audience. More so, you will know which pieces of content need to be updated. You can also sort landing page data by average position, impressions, and clicks. It is a great idea to track which content needs a bit of attention for improvement.

5. Improve SEO on the highest-converting pages

Get a deep insight into how customers reach your website through Google Analytics SEO reporting tools. One of the most effective ways to improve SEO is to check your highest-converting pages and optimise them. It means including more call-to-actions or keywords to make them buy your products or avail of your services.

Furthermore, you can look for your highest-converting pages through your SEO dashboard. You can analyse them and use the Google Keyword Planner tool to search for the right keywords. This way, you increase your chances of having visitors finding your website.

6. Monitor social shares

Sharing your content online is a big deal nowadays. It is a huge help in brand recognition and, at the same time, creating backlinks. All you have to do is set up Google Alerts or Analytics to search the Internet for online articles. As a result, you can track your social shares properly and post content in valuable places.

7. Track visitor bounce rates

Be sure to create meaningful and engaging content so visitors can stay browsing on your page longer. When users do not find what they are searching for on your website, they immediately leave, and this is called bouncing. Keep the bounce rate as low as possible by providing fast loading times, valuable content, and an appealing user interface and user experience.


Indeed, there are many ways to improve your SEO. With the help of Google Analytics, you can truly make a huge difference in your SEO performance. Just follow these tips mentioned above, and you will see how it helps your business grow and scale. Try these things out today and boost your SEO!

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